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This website lets you search the BMTC bus routes in Bangalore. You can either get information on the bus routes between any two locations or look up a specific bus route number.

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Tips for searching

  1. Some places have more than one name, for e.g., Kempegowda Bus Station is commonly known as Majestic - try searching for all the names.
  2. If you do not find a bus route for a place, try searching for nearby places. Many times there are good bus services to some areas but not to nearby ones. For instance, Agara (Sarjapur Road) is a major junction for buses; however HSR Layout which is adjacent does not have a very good bus service.
  3. Use the hints in brackets to distinguish between two different places having the same name, for e.g., Agara (Kanakapura Road) and Agara (Sarjapur Road).
  4. The last column that you see in the search results does not necessarily enumerate the bus stops. Rather it traces the detailed route taken by a bus number. The actual bus stop names may vary slightly.
  5. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: 'AS' for Atal Sarige, 'B' and 'C' for Big Circle, 'CH' for Chakra, 'G' for Big 10, 'J' for Janapriya Vahini, 'K' for Chikka Circle, 'P' for Pushpak, 'V' for Volvo, 'MBS' for Metro Bus Service, MF for Metro Feeder and 'TR' for Trunk Route. These may not be very up to date.
  6. The bus timings and frequency vary much faster than the route numbers. Further buses do not always adhere to the stipulated timings. Hence it is not possible to provide accurate and up to date information on the bus timings.
  7. The route plan determined by the Shortest Distance method may not be directly useful since it tends to generate too many hops. It is included in the search options for the sake of completeness only.

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Ravi said:
You have done a good stuff. If you could show this routes on a map it will be much more easy to understand. A single picture is more than 100 words to explain.
Fri Oct 22 14:52:33 2010
mahesh said:
This is excellent and very useful for all the local people and outside visitors. Thx.
Fri Oct 22 16:01:21 2010
Kishor R. said:
Hello, The Site is very useful. But I feel, You have to Upgrade it. Just for a check, I searched for Buses from C.V.Raman Nagar to Hebbal. The easy ways are through Sivaji Nagar, and through Outer Ring Road. It has not shown both the routes. So please check for problems like this. Rgds, Kishor.
Mon Oct 25 10:45:21 2010
Ramgopal said:
Hi, An excellent job done. However, there is some explanation needed, if you will. If you check bus routes (300,301 series) you will find mention of cantonment rly station for stops. However, none of the buses touch this spot as they take a left turn to Queens Road in front of Veternery College (due to one way restrictions). May be you had wanted to mention CSI stop as nearest for Cant. Rly Stn, (just like ITC for area Cooke Tn.). If that were so, I suggest you have name of the area, if different from bus stop, in brackets, with a remark that (Name of the locality or facility is given in bracket. This will help folks from outside state. Regards, Ramji.
Tue Oct 26 06:04:09 2010
Tarun said:
This is super cool. However, the look and feel is not upto the marks. Perhaps we can improve it so it is more appealing to people. Also, we can add Maps for all these routes. What do you think? I'm into web designing and development. :)
Tue Oct 26 12:47:45 2010
Narasimha said:
@Kishor: Thanks for checking the site. The issue is that if there is a direct bus route between two locations, then the Min Hops and Via Terminal Stations Only metrics would give the same result, namely the single hop route. In your example, MBS6 is a direct route between C V Raman Nagar and Hebbal. The Max Route Availability metric attempts to optimize based on the number of bus routes available between the locations. In your example, there seems to be only one bus route, namely 314A between C V Raman Nagar and Shivajinagar, and hence it was not chosen in the resultant route plan. The Shortest Distance metric does show the Outer Ring Road route that you expected.
Wed Oct 27 20:57:35 2010
Narasimha said:
@Ramgopal: Good suggestion. There was a plan to consider the oneway restrictions in the search results. However it has not taken off yet :( Meanwhile, please point out more such discrepancies - it will be useful when the feature does get added!
Wed Oct 27 21:14:46 2010
Narasimha said:
@Tarun and Ravi: The site was designed mostly from the point of view of good search results and minimal clutter. Several people have suggested the idea of showing the routes on a map. However that requires significant community support and commitment. Many of the locations on the site are not listed on any public maps! Even if they are, there are atrocious spelling mistakes which make it difficult to identify the locations. Personally also I'm not convinced that adding a map would be much of a value addition, compared to the effort involved in providing accurate map data.
Wed Oct 27 21:24:55 2010
Mohan.D.V. said:
Malleshwaram to N.R.Colony
Fri Oct 29 16:47:25 2010
Narasimha said:
@Mohan: Is there any problem with the route from Malleshwaram to N R Colony?
Sat Oct 30 11:38:03 2010
De said:
this is a good site and pretty useful for bus travelers. It would be more meaningful if one could include bus frequecy (time is not possible). One can keep frequency of bus per hour or so (based on how many buses ply on that route.
Sun Oct 31 12:53:12 2010
vinay said:
thank u for giving good information abt bus numbers n roots. I need bus numbers and also platform number from Mejastic to others. How to search it
Mon Nov 1 00:05:16 2010
Lovell Mathews said:
Very useful website. It would be nice if the website had the timings too.
Mon Nov 1 13:22:24 2010
Siddharth said:
@Vinay Please tell the bus route number-one of us will be able to tell the platform.
Mon Nov 1 14:07:55 2010
Siddharth said:
@Mohan 177 and 177D. But frequency is quite poor. Betetr to take a bus to market and take 31,31B,31E,210J,210N,210P etc from there
Mon Nov 1 14:09:36 2010
precilla said:
Its a good website, but this page could be used effectively ony if atleast approx timing or the bus frequency is given. Else this will not be of good use.Thanks
Wed Nov 3 11:49:56 2010
Kalpana said:
the website is very helpful.. could u pls tell me the platform no., for 225C/H for travelling to rajarajeshwari temple, regards
Thu Nov 4 12:01:54 2010
Siddharth said:
@KAlpana 225C/H starts from Pf-26/27
Thu Nov 4 21:05:13 2010
Shashank said:
Hi BMTC Has extended the routes 114 C, 114 A, 114 and 176C to Manorayanapalya(Doddamma Layout). After Sultanpalya, the following will be the addl bus stops: Manorayanapalya 3rd Cross(Balaji Sweets Signal) Manorayanapalya Bus stand(Doddamma Layout) Request you to add the following new routes to your database. 114 B - Kempegowda Bus station - Manorayanapalya 114 D - Shivaji Nagar - Manorayanapalya 114 G - K R Market - Manorayanapalya 176 CA - Chandra Layout - Manorayanapalya Shashank
Sun Nov 7 20:55:53 2010
Siddharth said:
Hi Mr. Narasimha Please change the routes of 45G and J10 via Good shed road from Chamrajpet to majestic-they dont travel via corporation and market
Mon Nov 8 21:37:05 2010

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