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This website lets you search the BMTC bus routes in Bangalore. You can either get information on the bus routes between any two locations or look up a specific bus route number.

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Tips for searching

  1. Some places have more than one name, for e.g., Kempegowda Bus Station is commonly known as Majestic - try searching for all the names.
  2. If you do not find a bus route for a place, try searching for nearby places. Many times there are good bus services to some areas but not to nearby ones. For instance, Agara (Sarjapur Road) is a major junction for buses; however HSR Layout which is adjacent does not have a very good bus service.
  3. Use the hints in brackets to distinguish between two different places having the same name, for e.g., Agara (Kanakapura Road) and Agara (Sarjapur Road).
  4. The last column that you see in the search results does not necessarily enumerate the bus stops. Rather it traces the detailed route taken by a bus number. The actual bus stop names may vary slightly.
  5. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: 'AS' for Atal Sarige, 'B' and 'C' for Big Circle, 'CH' for Chakra, 'G' for Big 10, 'J' for Janapriya Vahini, 'K' for Chikka Circle, 'P' for Pushpak, 'V' for Volvo, 'MBS' for Metro Bus Service, MF for Metro Feeder and 'TR' for Trunk Route. These may not be very up to date.
  6. The bus timings and frequency vary much faster than the route numbers. Further buses do not always adhere to the stipulated timings. Hence it is not possible to provide accurate and up to date information on the bus timings.
  7. The route plan determined by the Shortest Distance method may not be directly useful since it tends to generate too many hops. It is included in the search options for the sake of completeness only.

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Siddharth said:
@Ganesh Manyata Tech park is actually on the ring road near Nagavara- So you may take the Ring road service of D-5 to it or take Nagavara bound buses from Shivajinagar in route of 290. You also have BMTC charter buses of Manyata starting from J.P.Nagar 6th phase last stop-try enquiring its timings and see whether the same suits yours
Mon Jan 3 17:36:47 2011
Neel said:
Narasimha, great job dude. Have stopped looking up BTIS. Like this one. For buses starting from Majestic, could we have Platform Numbers displayed alongside? That way, I dont have to look up at two places*. Thanks. *
Mon Jan 3 21:42:06 2011
Raj said:
wow...!!!! its a very good awesome website........ thank u very much........
Mon Jan 3 22:02:58 2011
Raj said:
wow..!!!! its a very good awesome website....... thank u very much.
Mon Jan 3 22:04:39 2011
rashmi said:
hey good work i have small suggestion people who are new to bangalore wont know platform numbers where particular bus arrives so if you can even include platform number(majestic bus stop) it would be much helpful
Wed Jan 5 10:54:59 2011
Siddharth said:
@Narasimha Sir please change route of D-6-runs via Graphite India and ITPL to Kadugodi and not via Varthoor. only 500F runs via Varthoor 500C (Silk board- KR puram) is renumbered C-12-please provide the same
Wed Jan 5 21:19:11 2011
Purushotam Bheemanna said:
Keep up the great job! 100 times better than bmtcinfo! Fast, simple and complete :) Thanks
Wed Jan 5 23:22:37 2011
praveen said:
Hi All,I am new to Bangalore,want to travel daily from Vijayangar to Kormangala 4th block, Please tel me how to reach with minimum time to their. I am not aware of direct buses,and if route#170 its very rare. Please add more direct buses to there.
Thu Jan 6 14:06:26 2011
Siddharth said:
@Praveen 170 has become a very rare route-hardly any bus found on that route. Take K-3 to Koramangla Water tank and take 201 series to 4th block from there. K-3 is quite a frequent bus. 201M is available from RPC layout(Hampi nagar) and runs via Attiguppe, Nayandahallai and Banashankari to Koramangla 4th block
Thu Jan 6 21:47:54 2011
Siddharth said:
C-1B has now become C-3(Silk board to Hebbal) 500C is allotted C-12 C-4 doesnt exist-it is D-6. Volvo 500E: hebbal-marathalli-silk bus) 500F/375: Kadugodi-marathahalli-silk board-Banashankari-Uttarahalli-Kengeri(1 bus)
Sat Jan 8 23:55:42 2011
Siddharth said:
Volvo 2K: Kalyani magnum-Delmia-Ragigudda-Banashankari-Nayandahalli-Attiguppe-Vijayanagar-please change
Sat Jan 8 23:57:15 2011
Siddharth said:
Please change 201D-it hardly runs on Srinagar-Madiwala route and is frequent on madiwala-Indiranagar Pl station route via Dell
Sun Jan 9 00:11:18 2011
senkamalam said:
Good website.
Mon Jan 10 17:50:21 2011
Siddharth said:
Lets wait for sometime before updating C and D services-they confuse a lot now as of present. Please add 215B service in late evenings-it starts from majestic and has a night halt at majestic-a bus at 9Pm and 4:45AM has been spotted leaving majestic running via Corporation, Lalbagh and South end to Banashankari and Avalahalli
Mon Jan 10 21:11:57 2011
Siddharth said:
Please add 201 to the list of volvo-afternoon hours Volvo have been diverted ply on 201 route(Srinagar to Domlur)
Tue Jan 11 18:37:01 2011
Siddharth said:
FDR1 and FDR2 are quite freuqent buses-hence please put the same as frequent. K-1 and K-2 are also quite frequent-raneg about a bus every 15-20 minutes once-so even they can be put as frequent
Wed Jan 12 23:56:24 2011
elizabeth said:
against some buses the comment very rare is marked off does that mean they dont run daily is there any time table avl for the buses
Thu Jan 13 12:13:45 2011
Narasimha said:
@elizabeth: Rare and Very Rare means it is not advisable to rely on those routes for commuting unless the exact timings are known from experience. Typically they would be running at low/very low frequency.
Thu Jan 13 16:34:37 2011
Siddharth said:
Please change the routes of 343B and 348B. 343B runs in route of 25A to BTM layout-Silk board and 348B runs in the route of 24 to BTM layout-silk board
Thu Jan 13 21:16:47 2011
Siddharth said:
Sir Many routes are running under one ways and hence stops will be different for up and down routes-at present both have been included-I we can seperate the up and down stops by a / it will be useful Eg" route 2: Minerva Circle/Lalbagh Main gate, Town Hall/Poornima Theatre, Mysore Bank/Maharani College- the same can be done based on how route is put. The above exampel stands if bus going to majestic i.e the stop after / indicates return journey
Fri Jan 14 18:51:55 2011

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