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This website lets you search the BMTC bus routes in Bangalore. You can either get information on the bus routes between any two locations or look up a specific bus route number.

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Tips for searching

  1. Some places have more than one name, for e.g., Kempegowda Bus Station is commonly known as Majestic - try searching for all the names.
  2. If you do not find a bus route for a place, try searching for nearby places. Many times there are good bus services to some areas but not to nearby ones. For instance, Agara (Sarjapur Road) is a major junction for buses; however HSR Layout which is adjacent does not have a very good bus service.
  3. Use the hints in brackets to distinguish between two different places having the same name, for e.g., Agara (Kanakapura Road) and Agara (Sarjapur Road).
  4. The last column that you see in the search results does not necessarily enumerate the bus stops. Rather it traces the detailed route taken by a bus number. The actual bus stop names may vary slightly.
  5. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: 'AS' for Atal Sarige, 'B' and 'C' for Big Circle, 'CH' for Chakra, 'G' for Big 10, 'J' for Janapriya Vahini, 'K' for Chikka Circle, 'P' for Pushpak, 'V' for Volvo, 'MBS' for Metro Bus Service, MF for Metro Feeder and 'TR' for Trunk Route. These may not be very up to date.
  6. The bus timings and frequency vary much faster than the route numbers. Further buses do not always adhere to the stipulated timings. Hence it is not possible to provide accurate and up to date information on the bus timings.
  7. The route plan determined by the Shortest Distance method may not be directly useful since it tends to generate too many hops. It is included in the search options for the sake of completeness only.

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Kumaragurunathan said:
V.Nagenahalli has no Bus service between 12.30 to 3.30pm. At the same time more than 12 Buses coming to Sulthan Palya and returns almost empty.Some of these buses may be extended up to V.Nagenahalli for the convenience of students and publics. Thank you
Thu Jan 16 19:20:22 2020
Dimpal said:
I have to go to GITAM University which is in Nagadenehalli,Doddaballapur,NH 207 and i live in Sarakki main road JP Nagar. I have a interview in GITAM university so can anyone please tell from where should i take bus to reach GITAM university??????
Tue Jan 21 23:11:26 2020
Narasimha said:
@Dimpal: You can go to JPNagar 6th Phase and take bus no. 2 to go to Majestic, and from there change over to a Doddaballapura bus. You could get down at Doddaballapura Railway Station and manage to get an auto from there to GITAM. You could also explore trains to Doddaballapura (just google for this). In any case, leave around 3 hours or more for the entire journey.
Wed Jan 22 10:03:58 2020
Suprabha said:

Request you to kindly introduce and increase the frequency of buses from Domlur/Shivajinagar/Majestic to Bellandur/Sarjapur/Iblur etc. There are many of us struggling with 2 buses and climbing that huge crowded flyover is another challenge.

Wed Jan 22 11:54:21 2020
MOHAN said:
Please Introduce a BUS at 8 AM
From: T.dasarahalli TO: New Horizon College

Wed Jan 22 15:08:55 2020
Pooja Agrawal said:
Please make a bus stop opposite to total mall, sarjapur road or somewhere near it..there is no bus stop from sarjapur junction till kasavanahalli
Mon Jan 27 12:47:30 2020
NAVEEN said:
52, 52 e, 261 there are no routes as why it has been stopped and u display in routes. This is more convenient for people who stays in srirampuram area. Because no profit in that route you have stopped all these routes. Public inconvenience caused.
Tue Jan 28 17:15:42 2020
Manjunath R said:
I Noticed That Bus Route No 5F1, This Bus Service Stops From Kengeri To Bannerghatta Circle. I am Requesting Please Start This Bus As Soon As Possible Because Every I Am Travelling From Kengeri To Weaver's Colony (Bannerghatta Road).

Thanks & Regards,
Manjunath Ranganath

Thu Feb 20 18:47:33 2020
Arin Kar said:
Thank you for this site. I have been using this since...maybe 2009; dropped by today after many days to inform one colleague. Just wanted to express my gratitude.
Tue Mar 3 14:38:02 2020
Manjunath R said:
Dear Team,
I Noticed that G4 buses are not operating after 9.00 pm in brigade road and also not operating frequently so i am requesting i need a bus after 10.00 pm so please kindly operate as soon as possible. Otherwise i will directly complain to BMTC MD SHIKHA

thanks & regards.
Manjunath Ranganath

Tue Mar 3 20:33:31 2020
Suresh Kumar said:
Great web site
App please

Mon Jun 22 09:12:50 2020
Ashwin said:
@ Manjunath R - Sir those are feeder routes and have no passengers. BMTC won't ply them unless there are takers to the same.
Mon Jun 22 12:12:23 2020
Ashwin said:
@ Manjunath R - Sir G4 is a part of the Big 10 series introduced way back in 2010. It was launched first by BMTC on getting inputs from Dr.Ashwin Mahesh. They used a formula then for every 4 G3 buses plying there is one G4 bus plying from Brigade Road. Hence their frequency is average
Mon Jun 22 12:15:04 2020
Ashwin said:
@Narasimha - Sir, as per recent update the bus routes have changed and I believe they scrapped the MBS, FDR and AC routes long time back. Need to update site as per BMTC official site
Tue Jun 23 10:41:42 2020
Khushal Wadhawan said:
Hi Narasimha!! We are working on a small pilot on wayfinding systems and bus-stop signage systems. In this regard this information is really helpful.

However, we need a little more additional support ASAP to take it the last mile. Could you please provide your contact info. It would be really helpful!!

Mon Sep 7 18:08:39 2020
Amogh A said:
Very good site..
Sir, please update the routes as many have been changed and many buses aren't any more running..

Thu Oct 15 11:38:46 2020

Sat Dec 12 13:09:07 2020
test said:
Wed Sep 8 11:40:40 2021
I need frequent bus guidelines on bus routes..
Mon Sep 27 09:48:56 2021
Preethi said:
Please start the bus service of 37E which was initially coming to Ramakrishna Ashram at 8.10a.m. There is no.Shivaji Nagar bus between 7.30 to 8.30 . 37E bus was used was by almost most of the school and college students at this time.

Wed Oct 20 19:50:58 2021

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