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This website lets you search the BMTC bus routes in Bangalore. You can either get information on the bus routes between any two locations or look up a specific bus route number.

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Tips for searching

  1. Some places have more than one name, for e.g., Kempegowda Bus Station is commonly known as Majestic - try searching for all the names.
  2. If you do not find a bus route for a place, try searching for nearby places. Many times there are good bus services to some areas but not to nearby ones. For instance, Agara (Sarjapur Road) is a major junction for buses; however HSR Layout which is adjacent does not have a very good bus service.
  3. Use the hints in brackets to distinguish between two different places having the same name, for e.g., Agara (Kanakapura Road) and Agara (Sarjapur Road).
  4. The last column that you see in the search results does not necessarily enumerate the bus stops. Rather it traces the detailed route taken by a bus number. The actual bus stop names may vary slightly.
  5. The special services such as Pushpak and Volvo are distinguished by the following prefixes in the bus route number: 'AS' for Atal Sarige, 'B' and 'C' for Big Circle, 'CH' for Chakra, 'G' for Big 10, 'J' for Janapriya Vahini, 'K' for Chikka Circle, 'P' for Pushpak, 'V' for Volvo, 'MBS' for Metro Bus Service, MF for Metro Feeder and 'TR' for Trunk Route. These may not be very up to date.
  6. The bus timings and frequency vary much faster than the route numbers. Further buses do not always adhere to the stipulated timings. Hence it is not possible to provide accurate and up to date information on the bus timings.
  7. The route plan determined by the Shortest Distance method may not be directly useful since it tends to generate too many hops. It is included in the search options for the sake of completeness only.

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Naomi said:
Nice work! I am sure there are many people who are faced with the same problems I recently had. I couldn't find So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the CA HHSA Form LIC 301E and and esign them. Just try it "", you'll love it.

Wed Oct 19 21:14:18 2016
Minnie said:

A query for ITC to KalyanNagar that yielded results, has the wrong routes listed. And many bus stops are not included in the route list. Kindly update. Google maps shows the bus stops names. But cant keep toggling between the two.

If an option is available for the user to add constructive comments under each bus route (those who frequently travel a particular route will know better. And they may be searching for different location via the route.), that would build up this site., helping those who use this site.
Pls update website.

Wed Oct 19 23:12:14 2016
bk said:
dude, this is awesome!!!
Tue Nov 1 04:51:28 2016
Ravindra said:
Nice work.
Thu Nov 3 14:25:55 2016
Very ncie Work said:
IF we have more information on flyover busses,Nice Road Busses

also for all IT parks if we have bus route details it will be very helpful

Thanks for your efforts

Tue Nov 15 09:22:14 2016
krishna said:
There are new buses introduced to commute via NICE road.

Please update them

Tue Nov 15 14:32:28 2016
ANIL said:
Can I know the A/C Volvo low floor bus route & ordinary bus route number from Majestic to St. Josephs High School at Museum Road, Shantala Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560025
Thu Nov 24 13:21:20 2016
good morning,
which no. BMTC from majestic to srikanteerava stadium

Fri Nov 25 09:46:20 2016
Santoshalakshmi said:
Superb App!!!...
It would have been great if provided timings of buses

Tue Dec 6 08:58:24 2016
Prasad C R said:
Very good and convient way to findout bus route. Thumbs up to BMTC
Thu Dec 8 17:04:26 2016
pradeep said:
Please tell me the route of hegade nagar thanisandra bangalore
Fri Dec 16 07:22:35 2016
Harsha said:
Shri pillappa college of engineering and technology. Sir I'm going to that place which number bus is convenient from yashwanthpur railway station. It's urgent Sir I have an exam in that college
Sat Dec 17 17:17:59 2016
wilford fender said:
my friend was wanting CA HHSA DSS LIC 601 last year and was made aware of an online service with 6 million forms . If others require CA HHSA DSS LIC 601 too , here's a <code></code>

Mon Dec 19 22:12:13 2016
SARATH V said:
Bus no and platform no
From Majestic stand to Clarence School

Tue Dec 27 15:22:04 2016
You have filled a gap which was there for a decade.

Wed Dec 28 06:35:43 2016
Nalam Kameswara Rao said:
Any busses directly available from Yeshwanthpur Rly station to prestige Bougainville private road, whitefield.
Pl inform the bus no.

Sun Jan 1 14:18:43 2017
shabana taj said:
please provide more buses from vinayakanagar jp nagar 5th phase
Sun Jan 1 20:36:29 2017
Indumathi said:
Respected sir/madam
SUBJECT: regrading setting up a new bus stop
I am a resident of G M Palya, Bangalore 560075. I have noticed that there is no bus stop between BEML MAIN GATE and G M PALYA bus stop,it is very inconvenient to all the residents residing between these two to bus stops. I would like to requested the authorities to please consider my humble opinion in setting up a bus stop between the above mentioned bus stops it would we very favourable to all the residents residing around this area.
I am hoping for a positive response
Thank you
Yours sincerely
Resident of G M PALYA (K G COLONY)

Sun Jan 1 23:39:45 2017
Prabhakar M Patil said:
While clicking dropdown the screen will open up. For example,if I require Majestic ,I have to scroll all the screen untill I get 'm' letters. It should be like this-- If I type letter 'M', the screen should be open up from 'M'
Sun Jan 22 11:28:40 2017
sajn said:
We hav to scroll upto d num r d place we needed plz update even to type d name of place/route no.
Sun Feb 12 00:06:15 2017

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